About us

Ginko Film is a film and audiovisual production company with a special focus on documentary cinema. Three documentary filmmakers Chiara Andrich, Andrea Mura, and Giovanni Pellegrini, who graduated at the Italian National Film School, joined together to create the company in 2018.

The Ginko tree, an incredibly resistant plant that was able to survive the extinction of the dinosaurs and the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, inspires the name of the company. Ginko Film suggests that its films are like miniature Ginko trees, able to inspire us and resist the passing of time.

Andrea muro

Andrea Mura

(Cagliari, 1980) He directed various documentary films, short films, participating in international festivals. His work creates new perspectives and is inspired by social traditions that are contaminated by contemporary everyday life. He also conducts audiovisual language training activities through workshops in schools, at SPRAR centers and associations that deal with mental and social distress. He has been the creative director at the Sole Luna Doc Film Festival in Palermo and Treviso since 2014.


Chiara muro

Chiara Andrich

(Treviso, 1982) In 2018 Chiara Andrich founded the production company Ginko Film where she produces among others the collective film Le Storie che saremo, Lagunaria by Giovanni Pellegrini, Toxic Sicily by François Destors in co-production with Elda Productions (France), Par delà les montagnes by Manon Ott and Gregory Cohen in co-production with TS Production. She has previously worked as an author and editor on documentary films: in 2013 Bring the sun home (premiered at the Locarno Film Festival), in 2015 Ali di tela (premiered at the Annecy Italian Film Festival). She has also been the artistic director of the Sole Luna Doc Film Festival since 2014.


Giovanni muro

Giovanni Pellegrini

Italian director, DOP and producer born in Venice in 1981, before graduating in documentary filmmaking at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in 2012, Pellegrini worked as a naturalistic guide in the Venetian lagoon. His documentaries have been screened and awarded at numerous international festivals such as the Locarno Film Festival, the Human Rights Film Festival in San Sebastian, the EFFA in Melbourne, the Visioni Italiane in Bologna, the Euganea Film Festival and the Cetri Awards at the Senate of the Italian Republic. He currently lives and works in Venice, a city to which he has dedicated his last 3 films: "Aquagranda in crescendo" (Venice Days 2017), "City of sirens" (Torino Cinemambiente 2021), "Lagunaria" (MAFF, AWFF, 2022).