Stories We Will Become debuts at Archivio Aperto 2020 in the Recycled cinema section. The collective film by Daniele Atzeni, Marco Bertozzi, Claudio Casazza, Giulia Cosentino, Irene Dionisio, Martina Melilli and Matteo Zadra, produced by Ginko Film in association with Archives 8mmezzo, Cinescatti Lab80, Home Movies - National archive of the family film, Landscapes of family, RI-PRESE and Superottimisti, will be available on mymovies from 13 November to 6 December 2020 on mymovies.

An online meeting on Facebook live with the authors of Stories We Will Become and the audiovisual archives involved in the project is scheduled for November 14th at 6 pm. Stories We Will Become  e gli archivi audiovisivi coinvolti nel progetto dal titolo Lavorare con gli archivi in tempi di pandemia.

From family films to experimental and artist films, the Archivio Aperto festival will take place on the web, bringing the entire program free of charge to, MyMovies and Facebook from 24 October to 6 December., MyMovies e Facebook.

Stories We Will Become

Italia 2020, 23’

A film by Daniele Atzeni, Marco Bertozzi, Claudio Casazza, Giulia Cosentino, Irene Dionisio, Martina Melilli, Matteo Zadra

In coproduction with 8mmezzo, Cinescatti Lab80, Home Movies – Archivio nazionale del film di famiglia, Paesaggi di famiglia, RI-PRESE, Superottimisti

In the period of isolation caused by Covid-19, seven authors question our fragile present through the force of the past in order to continue to imagine a new world.


Where to restart if not from our memory to imagine the future after this global emergency? In the period of isolation caused by Covid-19, in which we all witnessed a time as hard as it was suspended, seven authors set out in their own way to question themselves, inspired by this fragile present and by looking to the past without nostalgia. They reflect on what has been denied to us and imagine the world as it will become: Stories We Will Become.
With the invitation not to create new images but to work on pre-existing material, both intimate and domestic, available from family film archives, this short film expresses the potential of documentary cinema, close to the world but far from current events.

Ideato e curato da Marco Zuin Prodotto da Chiara Andrich Produzione Ginko Film